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In The Mountain In The Cloud

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July 19, 2011
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Firsties's picture

PORTUGAL. THE MAN is the best thing that has happened to mankind!

imabamf's picture

so when american ghetto came out on may 2nd last year, the cd wasn't out but it was available digitally.
since pre orders for in the mountain in the cloud are may 17th, does that mean we get it digitally?

-Bobby (aka imabamf)

Happily Married's picture

This is phenominal! thank you for this, please continue making music!!!

see yah in Baltimore!

mattnuge's picture

this is ridiculously good. see you in Kansas City!

tntllrobert's picture

download link in the email again? :D

Never Erase's picture

I'm in... hope to hear some of it in Denver in a couple of weeks! Love the music!

DanielleRichards's picture

i love you like no other

Ian. The Country's picture

Can't wait for pre-orders! Keep up the great work guys