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on August 16, 2011

Laying in bed at 9:30pm Friday night, fittingly depressed over the theft of our gear, I received a phone call from our tour manager "The Chicago PD found our gear! Its not all there but it sounds like most of it is!". Good news right? A win for the band in a situation that seemingly happens monthly in the van and trailer touring world and so rarely followed by good news and equipment being returned. Well, it is good news and it is more than just a win for PTM, it is also a win for twitter, the world of social media, the Chicago police, and old school journalism. We had taken notice of this as soon as the first tweets started rolling, as the blogs were posted and the news story aired. It's the sort of thing that brings you close to tears (in the manliest way, of course). Tears not because we had a chance of getting our things back because, after all, they are just things but because this was people banding together over a cause. People banding together because "I was robbed before and fuck that". I'm sure we all know how it feels, and even surer still because of this response. It is violating, it is unfair, it is wrong. As much as I found humor in the fact that it took a robbery to make us a trending topic on twitter I knew it was more than the band, it wasn't about "us" at the end of the day, it was about all of us. This is a serious win for everyone that has been violated in some way. I have said this before and it will not sound any less cliche' saying it now: We can do anything when we work together. Yeah, we may not get all of our things back, most certainly guitars were sent off maybe the personal things have already been distributed, little things are harder to track and easily lost in the mix but really, who cares? They are just things. The most important thing to remember is that we did this together.

Thank you Chicago PD and don't be offended when we send a pile of doughnuts over. We are understanding in its simplicity. Its like a marathon runner eating a stack of pancakes before the run. It is much needed energy in your long days of crime solving and we appreciate this because, well, doughnuts are delicious and sending cupcakes is a little to mamby-pamby for the sissys you most certainly are not. All respect.

Thank you Twitter, Lollapalooza, Facebook, networks, bloggers, Chicago, Patton Oswalt, Danny Masterson, Ben Savage for lending your twitter accounts, and most of all you thank you to each and every individual. We thank you every day and you can't possibly know how much you mean to us. Good People

Lastly, a special thank you to James and all the people at the Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe. These people fed us, gave us a bed to sleep in and got us home to Portland, amazing. Audix Microphones, great local Portland company. Blitzen Trapper. Fender, Earthquaker pedals, The Divine Noise Cables, Orange Amps (Alex you're amazing) and of course Old Town Music in Portland. Thank you.

The case is still very much under investigation and we will share more details with you as soon as we are allowed.



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Hey you guys, that is awesome news. I must have been under a rock, I had not heard of this at all. I am pleased that you have most of your items back. Could this be a song in the making with video that I can use on The Venue? Hmmmm. After reading the story, I realized that you mentioned 2 videos that I don't have in The Venue library. Who do I contact to get a copy of those videos for air? I would also like to interview you all again when you swing back home k. Have an awesome week! Eddie P. The Venue 907-351-2280
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yesyesyes! awesome news! Since police and anti-crime-people develop means and instruments (there you go) to fight and lately prevent "crime" and "terrorrism" and all of the sort, I was somehow sure they would manage to deal with theft... :) very cool they got at least some of the gear back. Just, what's with the tears and the "in the manliest way, of course"-comment - ??? :/ I hope it is meant as ironically as I read it... And why not send cup cakes? I'm sure there is some "real men" out there that like 'em. Whatever real men are... Doughnuts ARE delicious though - nice move! :)
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Your performance at Lollapalooza was one of the best moments I have ever been a part of, and it is just justice that you were able to find your stuff. Having followed this since the beginning, you can't help but be grateful that there are great people out there who are willing to help other great people. Very glad and happy for you guys.
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So happy for them
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Fantastic news. I literally was losing sleep over this. As a Chicagoan, and a 3-day Lollapalooza participant, I was so ashamed of my city, and embarrassed. I know this stuff happens all over, but I took it personal black eye to a city that is usually respectful. I am happy to hear that the Hard Rock Hotel, and the CPD were helpful. I look forward to seeing you this October.
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Oh,I'm so happy for you guys! Such good news! You had all that support because you are genuine in what you do.Really deserved to have everything back.What good,really.And I want to see you guys in Brazil!