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The Satanic Satanist

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July 21, 2009
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Caroline's picture

One of your best albums. It sounds a bit like the Beatles, but with a good dose of Portugal. The man. People Say, Work All Day ,The Sun (the clip is so funny) , Let You down and Mornings are my favourites. The beginning of Mornings is absolutely amazing.
Great job, I love you ! Keep on doing beautiful music please.
Bye !

Kuntakinte's picture

Besides: Concert in Berlin was cool!!

Kuntakinte's picture

Cool album! Finally have it.
Can somebody tell me, if there is a booklet besides the folded landscape? I mean: lyrics, credits, production info...
It's because I bought it second hand and want to be sure not complaining about something missing that not exists ;-)

JV25's picture

That's so cool that the guy from Matchbox 20 listens to P.TM

Rob Thomas's picture

i got this when it came out and everytime i hear it its like the first time i played it. AMAZING!!! love you guys =D