In The Mountain In The Cloud

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July 19, 2011
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You guys are awesome and I can't wait to see you in Anchorage Alaska 12-16-11

Martina says you guys are awesome and I can't wait to see you in Anchorage Alaska 12-11

I think you can't know how much I love your music ,how much I love the way you make music ,how much I love you.
I'm from France ,but i want to do music when i'm 18 ,and you'll be a source of inspiration for me !
I would love to send you a fan letter ,but i don't know where i can send it :/ Please tell me ,it would be sooo nice !
Bye ,Kisses form france

Everything You See = Amazing! See you crazy bitches in Manchester :)

Can't wait to see you in Providence !

Can't wait to see you in Providence !

Your music makes me feel confident about tthe future

best band making music right now.

denton, tx showin love




Come back to Asheville

this album is great. its fantasticly superb. every single song is amazing, and there arent any filler crap songs like most other bands.

I have sleep forever permanently stuck in my head which is great because i love it

this album has made my year.

keep it up, and come to baltimore!

portugal the man are machine elf reptilians who have been implanted with many thought seeds to subconsciously morph social thought patterns via third eye manipulations and energy harnessments. but they dont know it.

great record! you guys kick ass

Love the new album..Great Stuff!! You should add the lyrics of the songs to the site. See you in Omaha :)

You should come to Portugal ... =D Greetings.

Come to the Netherlands please!!! You will not regret it, it is the best country to conquer Europe from!

I love you guys!

Keep doing what your doing. Its absolutely amazing music.

Sleep Forever just makes me feel like absolutely every worry in the world is gone. Thanks PTM. Love you guys.

"we are all children yeah we are all men. it may not be much but we do what we can. we dont need no preacher to make us believe that everything is perfectly fucked up like me." these seriously have to be the greatest and deepest lyrics ive ever heard. John is the most talented musician to ever fucking live!

New York loves you. For the love of god, please come back.

Just saw you guys live @ Webster Hall. Absolutely unbelievable performance, exceeded my expectations x10. Cannot wait for the new album, you guys rock!

got it all, got it all, got it all, till the new album comes! (an by it all i mean all of your songs on repeat)

If I have to I will just sit here listening to these two tracks over and over (and over and over and over) again until the new album is released... but a pre-order would be pretty sweet to calm these wrangled nerves

pre order please!! im goin nutzzzzz! there will be a full scale internet riot!!

Where's the pre-order?! I'm about to die!

Thank you guys for being so consistent. Every year 4ever!!!!

Met these guys in Fort Collins, way cool. Never heard of them til last weekend now I can't stop listening. Come back your my new favorite band!!!

Are pre orders for the LP going to be up on this site? If not, does anyone know which?

Potugal. The Man makes me feel so good! It would be really cool if you came by El Paso again.

and you need to come to Minnesota