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  • 6/11/14

    Yup, heading out this Summer, see you there. Presale starts 10am local time on June 12th.

  • 4/24/14

    I hope everyone is finding some way to celebrate Earth Day, we certainly are. We have been working on a project with the Smithsonian National Zoo to help raise awareness for the Sumatran Tiger. There are only 400 tigers left so we are making 400 copies of a 7" vinyl which are meant to degrade with each listen. This record will NOT last forever. We have randomly chosen people from our friends, family and mailing list. Since you are getting this email you were entered into the list and maybe have gotten this 7". If you were not lucky enough to get a free 7" never fear as the song will be available, however, it is on the people who got the 7" to rip it and share it. So, check the boards, check soundcloud, check youtube, check this website

    Grab it and share it with your community. This is not only about the tigers, this is about conservation and the sharing of ideas and raising awareness. Don't get us wrong, we like #fail videos as much as the next person, this time we are trying to do something a little bit different.

    Please join us and breed this song amongst your community.






  • 1/24/14

    Tune in tomorrow night at midnight to watch Portugal. The Man on Austin City Limits on PBS!

  • 1/15/14

    Check out the premiere of Charli XCX’s remix of Modern Jesus on Consequence of Sound.