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Office Hours

on July 06, 2011

Time to bring back Office Hours.  This time we are scheduling 15 minute slots.  You can reserve your slot by following this link.  Here is a chance for everyone or anyone to interview us.  Whether you have a zine, blog, livejounal, geocities, paper for school, etc. does not matter us.  Schedule a time and we will talk to you then. Hell, even if you just want to catch up with us and chat...sign up. (You'll need a Skype account so we can reach out to you.)

The record comes out in less then 2 weeks, we can't wait for you to hear what you think of it.



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Limited Edition iPhone 4 "Barely There" Case Available Now

on June 20, 2011

Starting today, you can order the super limited "Barely There" iPhone 4 case ($40).

The case is made from specially engineered materials, including an impact resistant plastic shell, the form fitting case slims in all the right places while giving access to all ports and functions.

Most importantly, the design is by The Fantastic The (John Gourley & Austin Sellers).

Since this item is made on demand, we're only taking orders from now until July 19th.

Click here to order yours now.

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on May 17, 2011

Click here to pre-order the new album! You'll get an instant download of 'Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)'. Listen to streams of the album and check back for more tracks later.

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Sleep Forever

on May 05, 2011

Listen to our new song "Sleep Forever" from our BandPage. share with those you trust...